& Business Meeting

“United We Stand”

Through History, Culture, and Language

October 31, 2019 to November 2, 2019

The Park Vista

A DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel -- Gatlinburg, TN

Special Guest Speaker

Judge René Diaz

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2018 TNTESOL Annual Conference & Business Meeting

Give Light: Learn from the Past > Teach in the Present > Illuminate the Future


    October 2018

    Preparing to host a TNTESOL Conference is equal parts rewarding and scary. Actually holding the conference is fully rewarding. Every effort contributed by every person on the Conference Committee was dedicated to making this the best conference experience for our attendees. Did we completely meet that goal? Not quite. (See survey results here.) But, in all, we sense that people gained professionally from attending TNTESOL 2018 and that we hit several high points along the way. For example:

    • first time the TN Commissioner of Education opened the conference with welcoming remarks
    • 89% overall satisfaction from attendees
    • most attendees* at State Day
    • most attendees* at main conference days
    *Since 2013, the first year to track conference registration and attendance with the TNTESOL event planner.

    Of course, we had a few misses along with the hits: limitations of some breakout room seating for the number of people wanting to enter; not enough breakout sessions in the first hour; fewer education vendors than usual. We did what we could to alleviate some of these as quickly as possible: Dr. Keith Folse graciously agreed to move both of his workshops from the 80-capacity room to the half-ballroom seating 200+ which then allowed us to offer repeats of some popular sessions that were closed the first time; a sudden adjustment by the Marriott gave us four additional meeting rooms instead of moving people out to take apart the full ballroom. Vendors themselves reported great satisfaction with the traffic throughout hallway and exhibitor room displays.

    Hearing from you has also been validating. Personal remarks at the conference, emails over the past couple of weeks, and comments in the open responses of the post-conference survey have all been informative, useful, and - for the most part - positive. Below, you can view a slideshow of the survey results. There were ten questions, but only those with quantifiable responses are summarized. (The others were open responses -- and we received several hundred individual comments!) Of the 502 surveys sent out, 208 people responded (41.43%) - not a bad return rate as far as non-mandatory surveys go.

    Finally, an encouragement: Get involved with planning the conference when it comes to your region. People in east TN are ramping up for the next one in Gatlinburg (Park View Hotel, October 31 - November 2). The following year, the conference rotates back to middle TN, then to west TN in 2021. Plenty of opportunities for you to pitch in for as much or little time as you can offer. Your conference planners will greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you, again, to everyone who joined TNTESOL 2018. We enjoyed it and hope you did, too!

    Conference co-chairs

    Joseph & Lee

    Committee Members:

    Amy, Amy Beth, Ann, Anne Marie, Ashley, Aundrea, Beth, Carolina, Cinamon, Cindy, Claudia, Claudia, Diana, Donna, Erin, Gigi, Janet, Jeanie, Jennifer, Jennifer, Jenny, Jessica, Kaitlyn, Karen, Kathleen, Kevin, Kirstin, Kristy, Laura, Lindsee, Lynn, Mallory, Maria, Mary Lou, Meghann, Michelle, Mystie, Paul, Sara, Sarah, Sarah, Susan, Tana, Tiffany, Tracey, Tracy.

    p.s. Got photos? Send them to or and we will make a photo gallery on this website.

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